Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is an autoimmune disorder, more

common in females, with symptoms of aching muscular pain that

does not seem to have any cause. It often affects the neck, lower

back, shoulders, back of head, upper chest and/or thighs,

although any area can be affected, and is usually worse in the

morning. Other symptoms may be headaches, insomnia, IBS,

painful periods, anxiety, memory problems, skin sensitivity, dry

eyes and mouth, jaw pain, dizziness, fatigue and depression.

Although the cause is not known, a common trigger appears to be

an infection such as the Epstein Barr virus, or the fungus Candida

Albicans, parasites or mercury poisoning which the body has not

overcome. These pathogens may affect the normal operation of

the immune system, as well as cause malabsorption of the

digestive tract. Most people with this disorder appear to have

‘leaky gut’ and very low levels (or low absorption) of certain

nutrients, especially magnesium.


Recommended Dietary Changes


As candida is very common in people with fibromyalgia, a strict

Candida eating plan is recommended (see CANDIDA in our ailment

section for information and diet). These means strictly eliminating all

sugars, yeasts, white flour products and fungi type foods, as well as

inflammatory and processed foods, especially artificial sweeteners.

Many people have also reported that a Gluten Free Diet is very


Recommended Products

Often an anti candida supplement is needed to combat any yeast

infections in the intestines and blood for at least 3 months, as well as

a strong probiotic to restore the good flora for at least 6 months.

Magnesium with Malic acid (up to 1200mg of Magnesium

glycinate) is strongly recommended to help with energy production

and to relax the muscles. Natural anti-inflammatories, especially

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethan) a mineral used in high doses is

extremely effective for pain and inflammation (start MSM at 1000mg

and increase up to 8000mg over a week or two, as it tends to detox,

causing further discomfort at the beginning.) Powers, drops or

capsules are recommended for best absorption.

It is also recommended that the person be tested for the Epstein Barr

virus. If this is positive, there are specific homeopathic remedies

available to counteract this virus. Zinc and Vitamin C (non acidic

buffered type) and even a strong Olive Leaf extract should then

added to further fight the virus (18% extract – 6 per day).

In cases of insomnia and depression (and even for pain) 5HTP is

recommended to increase serotonin at 100mg, twice a day on an

empty stomach (do not use with anti-depressant medication).

Co-enzyme Q10 (100mg daily with first meal), improves

oxygenation of tissues, and enhances the effectiveness of the immune

system and the heart whilst increasing energy supply to the cells.

Once the candida is eradicated, the intestines should be ‘sealed or

healed’ by using a good gut repair formula, or even the amino acid,

L-Glutamine powder (1 tsp twice a day in liquid on empty stomach

for 3 months).