The lifestyle and eating habits of people living in an age with more stress than ever, often result in lowered

levels of serotonin or dopamine. As a result, many people experience bouts of depression, are overweight,

crave sugar and carbohydrates, get frequent headaches, sleep badly and have muscle aches and pain.

Many suffer from low self-esteem, obsessiveness over little things, irritability, shyness and panic attacks.

 Most of these illnesses are alleviated by raising brain serotonin or dopamine levels (or both). In addition to

this, Serotonin is also converted into melatonin in the pineal gland, an important hormone needed for

sleep, as well as other important functions. Low serotonin levels can by measure by pathology, and are

associated with the following conditions.

Depression; Anxiety; insomnia; Nacolepsy, Sleep apneo, Fibromyalgia, obesity, Carbohydrate cravings,

Bulimia, Migraine headaches, Tension or chronic headaches, Premenstrual syndrome 


Recommended Dietary Changes

Recommended Dietary changes

Eat properly.  Sweets and simple carbs, like white rice, white bread, cakes and biscuits quickly raise your

blood sugar, flood you with insulin and then drop you down in the dumps.  Do not have too much coffee

(caffeine) which causes agitation and supresses seratonin.  Fats from omega 3 (see are article Good Fats),

are beneficial and strengthen the nervous system, but deep fried fats and transfatty acids (such as

processed cooking oils and margarine), cause a toxic load, which contributes to 'brain fog' and confusion.

 Avoid processed foods containing preservatives and if possible pesticides, as these easily penetrate the

blood/blood barrier, causing more 'brain confusion'.

These foods increase seratonin naturally:

Turkey, wild fish, salmon, tuna or the oils of, flax oil, whey protein, bananas, free range eggs, cherries and

85% or higher chocolate.

Exercise and light increase seratonin levels naturally.

Recommended Products

There are a number of excellent supplements that can be helpful for any of the above conditions and differ

slightly in their action.  Many of these can be used together.  Please note below which ones are

contraindicated with medical anti-depressants.

5HTP (natural seratonin derived from Griffonia seed) - depression, anxiety, for weight loss,

Fibromyalia,headaches, cravings and sleep

Rhodiola (Siberian root) - endorphins (happiness), depression, cravings, for weight loss, energy, sport

performance and concentration

Sceletium (South Africa Herb) - depression, cravings, to control appetite, concentration, ADD and anxiety,

 good for scholars.

GABA - (gamma-aminobutyric acid) - depression, addictions, OCD, alcoholism,

anxiety, sleep.